gill morrow

About Me

I am a Belfast based figurative artist currently focusing on busts and portraits.

Exhibited in Royal Ulster Academy’s annual exhibition 2016, 2017, 2018.

Finalist in Zurich Portrait Prize – exhibiting in the National Gallery 2018

Exhibited in Royal Hibernian Academy’s annual exhibition 2019

In my work I hope to show, not only, a physical representation but to achieve a deeper sense of the sitter.

The busts I create are sculpted by hand in porcelain clay. As no cast is made, each one is unique. The wet clay is left to air-dry for a few weeks before bisquing in my kiln. Then the busts are ready for glazing – a process which varies according to the finish required – before a final firing at 1250°C, which transforms the clay into an enduring vitrified porcelain.

In my commissions I work from live models, or photographs if necessary. You may prefer to capture a likeness of someone in your life or alternatively have an imaginary or fantasy figure to complement and enhance your decor.

gillian morrow

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